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About Wykalbrisk Workshop

"In everything you do, infuse just a touch of magic."

- Wykalbrisk Workshop -

Business owner Bonny Hardgrove

Hi! My name is Bonny Lee, and I'm the owner of this little circus. Wykalbrisk Workshop began in late 2023 and was born out of a passion for making things, and a frustration with years of trying to become established as a fine artist. After dipping my toes in a few vendor markets, I was bitten by the bug and decided to forego the galleries and instead just make little weird things. I am also a writer and a few of my equally weird little writings have popped up here and there.

My background is in Theatre and I'm currently pursuing a Master's Degree in English Literature. I have always had an affinity for the dark and whimsical, and my love of the page and stage has often filtered into the oddities I make. I hope you enjoy and come back soon!

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